16. Diary Entry: Battle of Hastings, Eastbourne

Dear diary!

Today was our fifth day of the Canterbury Excursion. It has been a great time since now and I am excited to start a new day of exciting sights and adventures. On this day’s plan was Battle Abbey and after that we wanted to visit Eastbourne.
When we arrived at Battle Abbey, we were welcomed by a little village with beautiful little shops and a huge gate where we could find the entrance to the place where the Battle of Hastings took place. We bought tickets to enter the ground and were allowed to visit the place on our own. The only problem was that we only got one and a half hour to see as much as possible.

We enjoyed the old ruins, sat in the sun (Yes! It really was sunny in the UK!) and discovered the great landscape. We even climbed on a small piece of the wall surrounding the Abbey.
Time went by and so we decided to finish our day at Battle Abbey by shopping through the little shops around there where some of us bought cute little soaps, cups or souvenirs.

After the bus had picked us up, we were on our way to Eastbourne. There we were dropped off on a strange little side road were we had to find our way to the huge mall which was announced to be there the day before. Finally I found a place where I could possibly find the DVDs of my favourite British band which I was looking for the whole journey and couldn’t find anywhere. I found them and bought two different ones which made me really happy.

After the visit of the mall we made our way to the sea and there it was… The view of the waves crashing against the beach, the smell of fresh sea air and the sound of the – sometimes annoying – sea gulls. I loved it! It was like having holidays and the sun was still shining above our heads. We relaxed at the beach and everyone got left in their own thoughts.

After a while the sound of our empty stomachs disturbed us and that is why we had to have a look to find a good place to get something to eat – which was not that easy if your group consisted of six hungry girls – and we found a place where everyone was satisfied with. The place we found was called “Harry Ramsden’s”. It was looking like an American diner and there I ate my first fish and chips. I even tried vinegar with my chips. It was delicious and all of us really liked this place. Even the drinks were great. I tried a bottle of juice which was called “J2O” and directly fell in love with it. It was a mixture of mango, orange and some other fruits and tasted very good. I have to have a look if you can buy it in Germany, too.

Because of the fact that we really urgently needed to buy some things for the next day, we asked the friendly waitress if she could tell us if there’s a Tesco around and we were lucky, because there was one around the corner. Following her description, we found the Tesco and bought a few things. After that we headed back to the beach where we met the rest of the excursionists. We sat in front of a little wall to be covered from the wind, because it got really cold in the evening. After a while sitting and freezing some boys decided to go to a pub and stay there until the announced firework will start. (There were still a couple of hours left.) We (me and my roommates) joined them and that was when an absolutely amazing evening started.

In the pub there was a pub quiz this evening and we formed to German teams to try our bests…

but we failed! We didn’t know that much at all and that is why we – of course – lost. But did you know that loosing doesn’t mean to lose at all? We lost the pub quiz, but we got the chance to regain our fee by having the right ticket and what do you think? Who got the right one? Exactly! Me!
First I didn’t even think of me having the right one and being lucky, because I never won anything before, but I really got the chance to win our money back. I had to choose between four boxes. One contained a card which would say “win” and the other three would say “lose”. I picked one and of course it was the wrong one. Again I didn’t win. I had to have made a really pitiful face because I got a second chance. I was allowed to try it a second time but only for half the price and I won! I really won!! I was freaking out and of course shared my price with my team members. 17 pound! It was amazing!

We all were very happy and left the pub smiling. It became late and therefore we headed back to the meeting point to see the firework, but all I could think of was the fact that I really won something for the first time in my life.

After the firework we made our way to the bus and I shared some interesting talks with Paulina, who was there by my side for the whole journey and who I wouldn’t want to miss at all. All of them – Joline, Elisa, Linda and Franzi – were great girls and became good friends of mine.

Arriving at the bus it got already dark outside and therefore we were happy to go back to our accommodation. We had to wait for some group members who were late and then there HE was! He was one of the members of the group who were late and that is why he had to take the empty seat in the front and right in front of me.
After we started our way back home, he suddenly turned around, we shook hands and he introduced himself to me and then to Paulina who was sitting next to me.

An interesting talk about hobbies, interests and our home towns began and at that moment I realised that this won’t be the last time we will talk to each other. He fascinated me straight from the beginning.