7. Diary Entry: London

Dear Diary,

I had a great time on the excursion. Today I would like to tell you about my great trip to
London on Thursday (10th September) because it was the most exciting experience for me.

I have been to London just one time before, namely on Monday (7th September). There I
decided to do a sightseeing hop-on hop-off tour with a typical open-topped red double
decker bus. Since there were three superb tour routes through London, I had the chance
to see all the typical attractions in London within one day. But now I would like to tell you
about the day trip to London on Thursday with Julia, Oliver, Jonathan, Florian, Lena and
As always we had to wake up early in the morning. But fortunately we could sleep a litte bit longer than usual because the day before we had arrived at our accommodation late in the evening. Before we went by bus, we had had breakfast together at our apartment. I ate my white bread with some honey just like any other day. I really missed German bread during our time in Great Britain. The bus trip to London took a little bit longer, so I dediced to have a little nap during the bus ride.

When we arrived in London, I was really impressed because I had been there just for one
time. First of all we had to orientate ourselves before we left the bus station. After we had
bought our Day Travelcards for the tube, we decided to go to Piccadilly Circus for having
lunch. As we arrived there, the view was really impressing. There were so many people
and so many stores. Then our group discovered a M&M store. As we went in there, a
disgusting smell was coming towards us – a mixture of chemicals and chocolate. So some of us went out of the shop to breath some fresh air. While we were waiting for the others of the group to come out of the stinky store, we sat down and watched a show of some break dancers. As we were together we looked for a restaurant. Since everyone of us likes pizza and pasta, we decided to go to Pizza Hut. We ordered the afternoon buffet, so we had a great selection of different sorts of pizza, pasta and salads. Strengthened and with a full stomach we went on to Trafalgar Square. There were many good musicians and other fascinating artists. As we spent so much time at Pizza Hut, we had to hurry up a little bit to see some other attractions in London. Most of us wanted to see the Tower Bridge, so we set out for it. When we left the tube station, we first saw the Tower of London. It would have been interesting to go in there but unfortunately we did not have enough time for it. After a few steps there it was – the Tower Bridge. I was so, so impressed by it. I had never seen such an imposing and beautiful bridge before. On the way to find a pier to book a river tour over the Thames, I always had to look back to the Tower Bridge because it looked so fascinating. Of course we took some pictures in front of the Tower Bridge.

After a few minutes we found a pier where we booked our boat tour. We chose a 30
minutes tour, which started at the Tower of London and ended at the Westminster Palace
and Big Ben. During the trip there was a crew member, who told us some facts about the
sightseeing attractions on our left and right side. During the boat tour I saw the London
Eye. It would have been interesting to have a flight but unfortunately I did not have enough
money and time. This whole boat trip was really interesting and also funny because the
crew member who commented on the city was joking all the time.
After the short but great boat trip we decided to went on to Camden Town. A friend who
spent one year in England told me about this city district. Just as my friend told me,
Camden Town was such a great place. I liked the people there and all the crazy stores.
There were also some musicians, who wanted to sell their music. One of them asked us, if we wanted to buy one of his hip hop music CD’s but we denied friendly. Then he wanted to know whether we wanted to buy some weed – of course we said no. Then the musician
wanted us to show him some respect with a clenched hand. Cool guy and a funny

We went on to Camden Market. Unfortunately we were a little bit late, so we just had half
an hour to look through the market. After all the shops were closed at Camden Market, we
luckily discovered the Horse Tunnel Market. It looked like a huge bazaar. One of the stores was really interesting: There was a female artist who painted different graphics on T-shirts, bags and shoes. I showed her a photo of my favourite musicians and asked her if she could paint them on a cloth bag beneath a typical red telephone box. She said that this
would be no problem – and now I have my own individual cloth bag from a London
paintress. This is really cool! The craziest shop in London we were in was called
Cyberdog. This store sells crazy rave-wear. As we went in there, loud trance and techno
music were coming towards us. It just felt like partying in a club with weird dressed sellers
in but I liked it.

After a long, great day we arrived at our bus stop. We even had time to go into a Tesco
store to buy some food and drinks for the bus ride. When we returned at our
accommodation, most of us went immediately to bed after an eventful day in London.