Audio Guide

Interesting topics and maybe also some posper or funny quizes are waiting for you here ūüėÄ

A culinary day at the University of Kent- Elisa Osaria

Artists from Kent- Oliver Externest

The city Sandwich- Aiken Grajcar

Beer- Kai Holzinger

Blood, devastation, death, war and horror- Christian Kielhorn

Canterbury Castle- Ann-Christin Hesping

Canterbury Cathedral- Elena Keuchel

Canterbury Nightlife- Julian Kugoth

Canterbury Tales- Carolin Heupel

Canterbury- Svenja Wacker

Canterbury Scene- Carolina Ludwig

Chatham Dockyard- Benjamin Axtmann

Dover Castle- Louisa B√ľchner

Dover Castle- Patricia Schnepf

Eastbourne- Jonathan Lohbeck

Netball – Florian Jakobs

Guess the sight (place)- Julia Jung

Dover and the channel- Joline Schmallenbach

Relaxing audioguide- Julia Horstmann

Kent- Sarah Rojek

The world of James Bond- Laura Köhler

Leeds Castle- Franziska Mödder

The Food festival at Leeds Castle- Jenany Vethanayagam

Handbagged- Lena Piorek

Punting Tour- Paulina Petracenko

Rohester Castle- Linda Schaub

The history of Canterbury- Adriana Pendolino