Deans, Vice-Deans and Professors

Prof. Dr. Petra M. Vogel
Prorector for International Affairs and Lifelong Learning, Full Professor of German Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Daniel Stein
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities,

Full Professor of North American Literary and Cultural Studies,
Senior Advisor for the partnership between Siegen and Tulsa

Prof. Dr. Florian Heesch
Vice-Dean International Affairs School of Education,
Architecture and the Arts,
Full Professor of Popular Music and Gender Studies

Prof. Dr. Arndt Werner
Vice-Dean International Affairs,

School of Economic Disciplines,
Full Professor of Business Administration, in particular of SME management and entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Strina
Vice-Dean for Teaching and Regional Cooperation,  Chair of Service Development in SMEs and Crafts

Prof. Dr. Christoph Strünck
Dean School of Life Sciences,
Full Professor of Political Science
and Social Policy

Dr. Marcel Hartwig
Assistant Professor of American Studies

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dutzi
Full Professor of Management, Accounting & Corporate Governance

Sophia Schwoy
Research Associate, Accounting & Corporate Governance

Prof. Dr. Frank Gronwald
Full Professor of Reliability of Technical Systems and Electrical Measurement

Dr.-Ing. Michael Wahl
Head of Medical Informatics and Microsystem Design/Digital Integrated Systems

Team Organization

Lara Foley, PhD
Associate Professor of Sociology

Lori Leonard, PhD
Associate Dean of the Graduate

Laura Semenow
Director of the Center for Global Engagement

Caitlin Getchell
Graduate School Academic Advisor

Katharina Sommer
Director of the International Office

Dr. Nina Fenn
Director of the Welcome Center

Nora Frei
Press and Communications, Online Editor