What does school tell us about entrepreneurship? Facets of entrepreneurship in German textbooks

Matthias Sehr, University of Siegen, Research assistant at the chair for Contextual Economics and Economic Education

Contact: Matthias.sehr@uni-siegen.de


The discussion about more economic education at schools has received increasing impetus over the past 20 years. Points of controversy are not only the content, but also whether more economic education in schools is needed at all. In times of increasing right-wing populism, the demand for more political education is growing. „What does school tell us about entrepreneurship? Facets of entrepreneurship in German textbooks“ weiterlesen

Democratic Entrepreneurship: A systematic analysis

Karoline Braun, external doctoral student at the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organization, University of Siegen

Contact: karoline.braun@uni-siegen.de


As a result of the Corona crisis, many workers are being thrown back into traditional conditions and are experiencing a clear sense of foreign domination. Especially in such times of restrictions, the question of possibilities of co-determination in organizations arises more intensively than usual. Beyond that, for many people the restrictions lead to salary losses or even job loss, so that they necessarily have to deal with other, new possibilities to earn a living. From the point of view of companies, too, it seems to make sense to think about leadership, participation and entrepreneurship in order to be able to survive crises better – or at all.

This blog entry from the field of modern entrepreneurship research offers an innovative combination of democracy and entrepreneurship. It is particularly applicable to organizations in the fields of politics, economics and education, but other areas are also conceivable. The developed four-field matrix can be applied from the point of view of employees and entrepreneurs and allows considerations for both new organizations to be founded and for already existing organizations. Users can see from the perspective of the entrepreneur whether a high or low level of democracy seems to make sense for the organization and which aspects of co-determination should be taken into account.

Today there are countless organisations that cannot ensure their continued existence in the long term due to a lack of applicants or unmotivated employees. The situation is influenced by Generation Z, which is currently entering the labour market and has completely different demands on entrepreneurs than its predecessors, as well as by globalization and digitization, which bring additional dynamics into the everyday life of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are strongly advised to consider current developments in management and not to leave the founding or continuation of their company to chance.

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What is what? – Cleaning up the digitalization mess (Part 2)

Konrad Meisner, University of Siegen, Research assistant at the chair of Entrepreneurship and Family Business

Contact: Konrad.Meisner@uni-siegen.de


Constant changes in production, supply chains, and communication influenced our economy and society already manifold. Likewise, Digitalization impacts the present economic environment, similar to automation or electrification in the past. Though the impact and importance of Digitalization in practice and research rises, a common understanding of the terminology cannot be found. „What is what? – Cleaning up the digitalization mess (Part 2)“ weiterlesen