Info for Companies

Every year qualified international students complete their studies at the University of Siegen. Many would like to gain professional experience in Germany for a few years or even longer after completing their studies. The industrially strong region of South Westphalia is an ideal place to work for international graduates, but they often lack the relevant knowledge and contacts.

The SieguVer program offers numerous study-accompanying measures to support foreign students and doctoral candidates in their entry into the regional job market.

We also offer opportunities for companies to come into contact with international students. Take a look at our offers.

Your advantages

Drivers of innovation
Different approaches and experiences promote creative synergies and innovation potential.
Regional experts
You get regional experts, who are able to assess the foreign market and the behavior of your partner.
Skilled workers
You gain highly motivated, adaptable employees and thus act on a possible shortage of skilled labor.
Learning opportunities
Diverse teams and different perspectives allow that your employees are able to learn from one another.