Get involved

Gain experiences and support the region

Why should I get involved?

Many institutions, associations and organizations in Germany depend on volunteers. With voluntary work you not only make a valuable contribution to society, but you also benefit personally from volunteering: Because...

You improve your language skills
You collect initial preparations for the job market
You get to know new people
You acquire important personal and social skills
You find a balance to your studies

What should I consider if I want to get involved?

Before you want to volunteer, you should find suitable answers to the following questions:

What am I interested in?
How much time can I devote to volunteering alongside my studies?
What do I want to learn and in which areas do I want to apply my knowledge?
Why do I want to volunteer?

To help you find a suitable volunteer position, you can fill out the following questionnaire and send it back to us.

Offers for (digital) Volunteering: