Past Events

17.05.24 International Breakfast: Südwestfalen Agentur + Agentur für Arbeit

Over coffee, bread rolls and croissants, the students were able to talk to Ms. Haardt-Cerff from the Südwestfalen Agentur and Mr. Stühn from the Agentur für Arbeit and discover what job opportunities the region offers, what the region is particularly strong in and what support options there are for starting a career.

16.01.24 Application Workshop

On Tuesday, 16.01.24, we had a practical workshop to help students with their application documents for internships, part-time jobs or full-time jobs.

With many people attending the Workshop, we saw a significant interest in the topic. The students were able to create and improve their documents with our assistance and gain essential knowledge to improve the application documents!📑📃

The workshop was conducted in English.

12.12.2023 Speed-Friending

On Tuesday we had our delightful Speed-Friending Event, it was a lively gathering filled with laughter and connection.

With games like Bingo with insight qu estions, you had a chance to break the ice, to connect and make new friendships. The attendees also mingled over snacks and beverages.

Looking forward to the next one!

22.11.23 Company visit Heinrich Georg GmbH

On Wednesday, 22.11.23 we visited the company Heinrich Georg GmbH in Kreuztal.

GEORG is a globally active, medium-sized, family-run high-tech company and an expert in coil processing and machine tool building.

We had breakfast together and got to know the company!

The event was particularly interesting for students who study Computer Science, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.


26.10.23 Company Visit Thomas Group

On October 25th, we visited the company Thomas Group in Herdorf. We were warmly welcomed by the recruiter Eileen Herden. After providing us with information about the company, we had a joint breakfast where there was room for questions and exchange. Following that, we were given a tour of the various buildings and production halls of the company. We are very thankful for the insightful experience and look forward to staying in touch in the future.


30.06.23 Application Workshop

In the application workshop, we assisted international students, who want to apply for jobs in creating and refining their application documents.

We guided them through the process of writing a cover letter, and designing a CV tailored to their desired positions.

The workshop was conducted in English. We are planning to do another Application Workshop in the upcoming winter semester.

21.06.23 Company visit The Coatinc Company Kreuztal

On Wednesday, June 21 2023, we visited The Coatinc Company in Kreuztal. It is considered the oldest family-owned company in Germany, with 32 locations and over 2,200 employees, including subsidiaries in Europe, Turkey, Mexico, and California. The Coatinc Company combines surface technologies such as hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, wet coating, and anodizing with a wide range of associated services.

In addition to a presentation by Sebastian Stöber on the company’s technologies and processes, we also had a tour of the facility. During this time, the students had the opportunity to ask questions about the processes and the company.

Thank you very much to The Coatinc Company for this exciting afternoon.



21.05.23 Stadium Visit Sportfreunde Siegen

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, we were at the Leimbachstadion Siegen to watch the last home game of the season of Sportfreunde Siegen. The international students received fan scarves and cheered for the Siegen football club, which won 4-0 against Vreden.

Thank you Sportfreunde Siegen for having us!

11.05.23 World Café with Alumni – Start your career in Germany

On 11.05.2023, as part of the International week, we cooperated with the Alumni network of the University and invited international students to a World Café with alumni.

The new “LEO”, learning space in the former cafeteria on the AR Campus, literally became a World Café, where international students could get advice from alumni and exchange their experiences about starting a career in Germany while having coffee and cake.

In a short speed-dating format, the café guests, alumni and students first got to know each other personally. Shaking hands, sharing personal backgrounds on studies and careers, or career aspirations and expectations, and making initial contacts – this was the icebreaker of the meeting in the world café.

Then, in small groups at the café tables, there was the opportunity to go into more detail with the alumni about the career wishes and prospects of the international students and to share in the alumni’s experiences. At one of the tables, questions about applications and possible job opportunities could be addressed in particular, as alumna Lisa Wagener, who is now Head of HR Business Partner at the company EJOT, was available for discussions. Among other things, the participants learned how to design their application and how to master a job interview. The alumni, who were available for discussions at other tables, reported on their own experiences of how they had gained a position in companies in the region as international students.



04.05.23 Engagement-Talk Sportfreunde Siegen

On 04.05.23., Rouven Soyka from the football club SPORTFREUNDE SIEGEN introduced the sports club to a group of interested international students. He talked about the history of the football club and explained how students can get involved socially in various areas there. Everybody who joined the talk, got free tickets for the last home game of the season on May 21st, which we will visit as a group.

09.02.23 Company Visit – Thomas Magnete

On Thursday, 9th of February we visited the company Thomas Magnete (@menschenbeithomas) in Herdorf.

The family-owned company develops and manufactures electromagnetic and fluidic actuator systems for the off-highway and mobility markets. It is a leading supplier with three international sales locations and a production site in Kunshan, China. In Herdorf, all products are developed, manufactured and shipped through the logistics center to customers worldwide.

We got to know the company while having breakfast together and we got a guided tour through the production hall.

The event was for students from the fields: Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Informatics.

The HR director Michael Hofmann told us a lot about the company.
During the production facility tour, we had to wear protective clothing due to hygiene regulations.


Thank you to Jessica Kasperlik (HR manager) for organizing this event and for welcoming us at the company.


20.01.23 International Breakfast with Südwestfalen Agentur

On Friday, 20th of January 2023 we had an International Breakfast with our guest Saskia Haardt-Cerff from the Südwestfalen Agentur.

She informed us about our industrial region with lots of world market leading companies called Hidden Champions and the career opportunities you have in the region of Siegen. She explained why the Siegerland  is a great place to start your career.

During and after the presentation, the students could ask questions about the region and the job opportunities here

16.12.22 Intercultural Training – German Business Culture

In this interacitve workshop the students got to know the German working world and gained intercultural competences. We discussed the specifics of the German business culture: Why are punctuality and reliability so important? What differs the German business culture from the working culture of the student´s home countries? Everyone could share their personal experiences as well as gain new information about what to expect when working in Germany.
Students get to know the Culture Dimensions from Hofstede.
Discussing cultural differences from different viewpoints.