D4.1 Working on quality assurance plan

1 Introduction

1.1 Abstract

The main goal of the Quality control and Monitoring work package is to assure high quality of the project implementation that aims toward the improvement of education quality at the partner’s level, through the establishment and implementation of some institutional procedures and mechanisms for evaluation, control, and quality assurance.

1.2 The purpose of this document

To achieve that, a Quality control and Monitoring plan are proposed that can be used as a reference for the quality control process, which will be continuously be updated and improved during the project lifespan, in order to ensure high-quality project deliverables and outcomes.

1.3 Relation to other deliverables

As shown in Figure 1, the Quality assurance is connected to all the other WP4 deliverables, since as a first step, the plan is checked to make sure that the deliverables activities follow the high standard mentioned in the Quality assurance plane, this process is required by all partners involved in executing the activities of this WP.
Once the first version of the deliverables is ready, the Quality plan is checked again and the deliverables are sent to the Quality assurance committee (which will be described in the next section in more detail) to make sure that the deliverables follow the high-quality standard mentioned in the Quality plan.

1.4 Relation to work packages

Figure 2 depicts the relationship between “WP4 Quality Control and Monitoring” and other work packages of the project. As depicted in the figure, the WPs are strongly connected with WP4, as once the WPs leaders prepared an initial report for the WP tasks, it will be checked for quality assurance by the Quality Assurance Committee and according to a pre-determined timetable that is described in D4.2. Once the deliverables are checked by the quality assurance committee, the committee feedback will be sent to the WP leaders to enhance the deliverable and improve its quality.