The International Master of Science on Cyber Physical Systems (MS@CPS) provides a specialized and unified view of the industry-oriented research field, aiming to prepare the students to be highly skilled analyser, designers and developers of both the software and hardware aspects for various industry related systems and applications in the context of CPS. By enrolling in this program, the students will interact with people from several distinct countries, with diverse cultural backgrounds to promote globalization and technological development based on students’ choices and expectations.


A training workshop in TTU

A training workshop to empower the academic women in TTU Thursday – 09/06/2022 Tafila Technical University The training workshop was held at TTU to train and encourage the academic women at TTU to participate and apply for international projects in the presence of the president Prof. Omer Maaitah, a number of women faculty members from …

On the fifth day 3.06.2022 (the last day) of the KTH management meeting, Dr. Christian Weber from the University of Siegen chaired the session for a discussion on the remaining deliverables. He also wrapped up the meeting and the next steps to be done. At the end of the last day, Dr. Mohammad Saleh from …

On the morning sessions of the fourth day, 2.6.2022, of the KTH management meeting, Dr. Hamidreza Ahmadian from the University of Siegen and Dr. Ala’ Khalifa from GJU, presented about WP4 with a focus on the selection of external evaluators. In the same session, Dr. Hamidreza Ahmadian and Dr. Mohammed Saleh from KTH presented the …


​Scheduled F2F meeting and training in KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm University on the 30th of May, and 3rd of June 2022

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