Work Package 2


The aim of this work package is to carry out the scoping, needs analyses, initial planning and preparation work necessary to begin development activities for the implementation of the project. A Systematic comprehensive analysis of existing academic programs, courses, and tracks in Computer Science regionally and internationally will be performed.
The partner countries which are going to host the master program should get the relevant academic and training knowledge and experience from EU partners who have rich experience and well established academic programs in computer science such as embedded systems, medical informatics, and visual computing.
As Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computer Systems can have many different profiles, this WP will investigate which of these profiles are the best fit for each of partner countries, this can be achieved via the organization of focus groups from universities and industrial partners to address and discuss the market needs which will be integrated into the master degree study plan.
Sharing of experiences on the establishment of similar academic programs will be supported using an appropriate online tool to reach a wider group of stakeholders and experienced people. Therefore, recommendations of the structure and profile for an academic program that fits the needs of partner universities will be formulated. This WP will follow EU teaching approaches, methodologies to develop a curriculum that meets the local and EU standards
such as the Bologna process.
This work package will assure active female involvement in the project establishment, and participation of female students, and teachers. Thus, equal opportunities for both genders will be achieved.


  1. Development of methodology
  2. Development of curriculum
  3. Training of teaching staff
  4. Establishing of master program, courses, and admission policies establishing of embedded labs