Work Package 3


This work package focuses on developing an innovative partnership model to foster cooperation between universities and enterprises. Since one key attribute of effective teaching is to ground it on applied and practical skills within real scenarios and relevant case studies. The key advantage of applied case studies is to create a student-centred adaptive teaching approach, where students are part of the learning process and have active roles in the teaching and learning cycle.
This work package aims to develop case studies that are related directly to applied skills, on which students are trained to identify a potential industrial problem that can count toward their master degree thesis. One key objective of the project is the need to collaborate, train and transfer knowledge from EU universities faculty members to their peers in partner countries. This objective will be met by increasing collaboration and training through a face-to-face workshops.


1. Design internship integration into curricula.
2. Selection and development of case studies.
3. Developing Entrepreneurship course.
4. Capacity building workshop.