Workshop: Making Anxiety Work for Your Performance

You are not alone: Approximately 1 in 3 students is concerned about anxiety when it comes to taking exams or performing well on assignments. Yet our deepest yearnings and most powerful motivations often lie hidden inside our anxiety. Anxiety can actually be useful when you know how to harness its power instead of letting it overwhelm you.

The Stronger Together team invites you to a 2-day workshop in English on June 23 and 24, 2023. This in-depth workshop will give you the opportunity to understand your own experience with performance anxiety. Through interactive activities, you will learn to apply the necessary skills to reconnect with your values and do what matters in the midst of an anxiety-inducing situation. The workshop will be guided by Kim Dang (MSc Psych) and will be a supportive and confidential space.

Please note that the second day focuses on actually applying the skills and knowledge from day one. Therefore, for the second day to make sense, please make sure that you can attend the first day.

When: 23.06.2023 – 13:00 til 18:00 and 24.06.2023 – 9:30 til 17:30
Where: AR Campus
For: International Students
Teacher: Kim Dang (MSc Psych)

Please register by sending an e-mail to:

Sessions: Let’s get stronger together

We meet every Tuesday, 06:30-07:30 pm in front of the SSC Building.

Stronger together is a project from students for international students at the Univerity Siegen. We want to offer you peer to peer exchange, mutual support, intercultural training and much more during our sessions. Join our anonymous and confidential safe space every Tuesday to ask whatever you need to know and we will share our experiences and support you. Our sessions and workshops are in English and free of charge!

Feel free to join us!

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