General practitioner

How to find a general practitioner:

There are different options to find a general practitioner. We listed a few for you here:

  1. Ask friends, fellow students and colleagues: People who have lived in the same area for a long time often have tips on which general practitioner or specialist is recommended.
  2. Online search: a simple search on Google helps to find doctors in the immediate vicinity. Platforms like Jameda collect reviews on doctors, giving you a first impression. However, keep in mind that these reviews can also be wrong, outdated or very subjective.
  3. Health insurance: Ask your health insurance company which doctors are in your area or which are recommended in your city. The health insurance company can also help you make an appointment with the new doctor.
  4. White List of the Bertelsmann Foundation: On the „White List“ page, you can search specifically for doctors and hospitals in your area – also for specialties. All established doctors and dentists are listed here. The doctors can also be rated by patients.

After you found someone that fits your expectations, call or visit them during their office hours. Ask them if they still accept new patients, and if so make an appointment with the new doctor to get to know him or her to see if the chemistry is right and you will feel comfortable in the future.