How German insurances work:

Everybody in Germany is required to have a health insurance. Without a health insurance you cannot receive a visa for Germany. In case a visa is not needed for entrance to Germany, please take care that you take out a travel insurance. Check your health insurance policy at home, as it may cover the costs for medical treatment in Germany. If you hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), then you are covered by your health insurance provider in Germany. If your health insurance at home does not support medical treatments in Germany, you must insure yourself in Germany.

There are two types of insurance you can choose between:

There are two types of insurance you can choose between:

  1. Students that are younger than 30 years and study less than 14 month must use a public health insurance for students. It costs about 110 Euros per month.
  2. The second type of insurance is the private health insurance.If you are older as 30 years and haven’t had a public health insurance before, or if you are participant of the Intensive German language course, you must take a private health insurance. It seems cheaper at first glance because the monthly contribution is a lot lower than with a public health insurance. However many treatments are not covered (e.g. complications during pregnancy!) and monthly contributions might increase from month to month; especially after your graduation. So, please check the policy carefully before deciding.

    Also IGeL (individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen) are services not covered by the health insurance, as the insurance provider has classified them as unnecessary. These can include alternative therapies and travel vaccinations, and the patient must pay for these on his or her own. 

We recommend you the public health insurance. With this insurance you usually do not pay any standard health treatments. IGeL (individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen) are services not covered by the health insurance. You have to pay services by your own, which the insurance provider does not classify as necessary. For example alternative therapies and travel vaccinations are IGeL services.

German health insurance providers offer various bonus programs. One example: a bonus booklet for your annually checkup at the dentist. You present the booklet at the dentist and then the doctor confirms your visit. You will receive larger payments from your health insurance if you happen to require a treatment. Some health insurance providers also subsidize prevention courses or gym memberships. They also typically cover the cost of vaccinations, such as for Hepatitis A and B or influenza.