Medicines and pharmacies

How you get your medicines:

 In Germany, some medicines require a prescription, while others can be purchased freely.

Prescription medicines (verschreibungspflichtige Medikamente) are only provided to patients with a prescription from their doctor. They can be acquired at public pharmacies (Apotheken) upon presentation of the physical prescription slip. Please note that Germany’s pharmacy laws are strict, meaning a prescription may be required for medicines that are sold over the counter in other countries. Medicine is not available in supermarkets.

Prescription medicines typically include a co-pay of between 5 to 10 euros, or roughly ten percent of their price. If your medication costs less than 5 euros, you pay for it yourself.

Pharmacies are typically open from Monday to Friday, although some also open on Saturday mornings as well. On Sundays, pharmacies are usually closed in Germany. The emergency pharmacy service (Apothekennotdienst) is open around the clock. In Siegen you find the actual emergency pharmacy on this homepage. There is also a list on every pharmacy door.


Learn more about medicine in Germany in this video: