Face-to-face meeting at the University of Siegen 12-16 December 2022

Face-to-face meeting is being held at the University of Siegen in Siegen (USI), Germany from 12th December 2022 to 16th December 2022. The meeting is focusing on finalizing the management issues and on training as well. The meeting takes place with having members from all partners participating either physically or online. The MS@CPS consortium acknowledges the USI for hosting the meeting at its campus and appreciates the efforts done by the USI team: Prof. Roman Obermaisser
and Dr. Hamidreza Ahmadian to have this meeting conducted face to face. In the first morning session, Dr. Hamid Hamidreza Ahmadian from the university of Siegen, the project leader, presented the meeting agenda, project overview and status of Project. The second morning session focused on needed inputs for the final report. The end of afternoon was mainly training on development of embedded systems given by Eng. Veit Wiese.