MS@CPS project at radio Sfax

On the 18 of January 2020, Prof. Faiez Gargouri the local coordinator of the MS@CPS project at the University of Sfax and the project’s team member Dr. Nadia Bouassida participated in a live radio interview program at “radio Sfax” with Dr. Hansen Trichili to present the MS@CPS project and the master program in cyber-physical systems at the university.

Monitoring visit of Erasmus+ office on Tunisia (USF)

On the17th of January 2020, the national Erasmus+ office of Tunisia represented by its coordinator Prof. Adel Alimi accompanied with the coordinator deputy Dr. Nesrine Baklouti conducted the first monitoring visit to the University of Sfax (USF) to evaluate the progress of the MS@CPS project. Prof. Faiez Gargouri the local coordinator of the MS@CPS project at USF and the project’s team presented the project status in preparation activities, curricula development and quality plan. Representatives from Carthage University were present as well. The discussions were very fruitful and Prof. Alimi praised the progress conducted so far. Representatives of the project leader, the University of Siegen in Germany, presented the management status of the project. Other consortium partners participated in this meeting as well via video conference and presented their work progress. The dissemination activities and sustainability plan were presented by the representative of Palestine Technical College – Deir El-Balah, Palestine.

internal workshop at MS@CPS at University of Sfax

The team of MS@CPS at the higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia (ISIMS), University of Sfax held an internal workshop on the 4th of January 2020. The team discussed finalizing the accreditation application so the master program can be launched within the year 2020 as planned. It should be noted that the MS@CPS team at Sfax university is headed by Prof. Faiez Gargouri, the director of the higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia.

Presenting MS@CPS at AT-SGIRES project – Tafila City, Jordan

The team of MS@CPS at Tafila Technical University – Tafila (TTU) participated and presented the MS@CPS in the AT-SGIRES project day which is the Erasmus Plus project, which took place at the Tafila Technical University in Tafila City on 9th and 10th of December 2019.
The event, which is devoted to increasing awareness of the Smart grid and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems. MS@CPS was present with brochures and a roll-up of the project at the event venue.
The event was launched by the leader of AT-SGIRES of the Tafila Technical University.