Virtual training organized by the University of Hertfordshire

A virtual training program of the MS@CPS project was concluded after two days, 14th and 15 of September 2020, of holding it. The training is organized by the University of Hertfordshire and was given via Microsoft Teams meeting and it was held with the participation of all partners of the project. The purpose of the training is to enhance the capacities of partner universities in Cyber-Physical Systems education. Dr. Raimund Kirner and Dr. Martina Doolan from the University of Hertfordshire moderated the training.
On the first day, Dr. Martina and Dr. Mick Walters presented about “Blended Learning Teaching Methodologies Through Using Technology to Enhance Collaborative Learning” and “Lecture on Robotics” respectively. On the second day, Dr. Mike Pickup and Dr. Raimund Kirner presented about “Contemporary Issues Professional Ethical and Legal” and “Decision Making & Planning for Cyber-Physical Systems” respectively. The training closed with answering of questions the attendees by Dr. Martina Doolan and Dr. Raimund Kirner.


Advisory Field Monitoring

Today the 7th of September 2020, a Virtual Advisory Meeting to the MS@CPS project, was carried out via the Zoom meeting by the NEO team headed by Dr. Nedal Jayousi, the Director of the National Erasmus+ Office – Palestine. The meeting has been held with the participation of all universities partners of the project, and the purpose of the Advisory Field Monitoring meeting is to learn about the activities realized and products developed so far, as well as to see if the project has met any problems in working and/or financial implementation that can be discussed and solved. Dr. Ezzeldeen Edwan from Palestine Technical College-Deir El-Balah together with NEO Director / Dr. Nedal Jayousi opened the meeting and welcomed the participants and then presented a brief summary of the overall implementation of the project activities. Dr. Rashid Jayousi from Al-Quds university presented overall progress in the preparation work package. The team also discussed with NEO the issue of accreditation for the Master program as the main delivery of the project and reviewed with all partners the level of the project implementation, the status of work plans, and the major challenges of the project. The meeting ended with suggestions and recommendations posed by Dr. Jayousi to the project team to go ahead in this program.