A training workshop in TTU

As one of the MS@CPS activities, a training workshop was held at TTU to transfer the gained experience and knowledge from the training at KTH, Sweden. The dean of the Information Technology
and Communications Faculty introduced the importance and the added value of the MS@CPS project to the students and academic staff at TTU. Dr. Ashraf Alkresha led the training in collaboration with
Dr. Saba Alkaseasbeh and Mr. Mustafa Dmour. Dr. Alkresha presented the best practices and expertise at KTH in the field of enhancing higher education in Sweden. Successful examples were provided, which reflect the high level of education in KTH in order to employ them in TTU, especially in the Information Technology and Communications Faculty. The training content focuses on investing these practices in both teaching and research activities in the master’s program of CPS at TTU. A number of faculty members from TTU participated in this Workshop. The participants highlighted the opportunities and directions for applying these practices.